Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silver & Grace Online Magazine for Women Over Forty

Coffee klatsch - a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation

Most of the women in my mother's generation did not work outside of the house, but they had a definite support system amongst themselves. The coffee klatsch. They would gather in someone's kitchen, drink coffee or tea, and converse. Converse about children, husbands, and their own changing bodies, minds, and spirits.

In this era of double income families, chauffeuring children to extra-curricular activities, and taking care of our aging parents, there is little time or energy left for socializing. The coffee klatsch is becoming a thing of the past, and with it the support system women had in place for each other.

Enter Silver & Grace. I started Silver & Grace as a blog because I wanted to face the changes associated with perimenopause and menopause with informed grace. Soon, women were joining in, sharing their challenges, joys, and wisdom. A community was forming. In fact, a regular coffee klatsch was taking place. Not at a single table, but from tables all over the world.

Recently, Silver & Grace has matured from blog to online magazine. The coffee klatsch is still very much there, but with more diverse perspectives from a wonderful team of writers. All the articles are geared to women over forty, and cover the following topics: Relationship; Health & Wellness; Business & Careers; Fashion & Style; Technology; Travel.

Silver & Grace is completely free, with articles posted Monday through Friday. No sign up involved. Just show up at, coffee mug in hand. There is also a free monthly newsletter with additional articles on aging gracefully, exercises to enhance your spiritual well-being, thoughts on aging from our writers, as well as discounts and promotions only available to subscribers. You can sign up at

I love this 'crone stage' of life, but it is not without its challenges. Silver & Grace is all about community, support and sharing. It is the ultimate coffee klatsch.

Bio: Eliza Fayle is founder and editor of Silver & Grace. She is passionate about embracing the crone stage of life, and it is her mission to guide graceful women into beautiful aging.

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