Monday, November 29, 2010

Further Your Education At Walden University

There's no doubt about it, the economy is so bad right now that many people can't make ends meet with their current jobs. That is, if they haven't been laid off already. Years ago all you needed was a high school diploma and you could get a decent education, get an entry level position in a company and work your way up. Employers are pickier now and that high school diploma won't land you any job except maybe one at a fast food place or at a boutique in the mall. How will you support yourself, not to mention your family, on that type of paycheck though?

Although times are hard it's also a time of change and opportunity. You can get a higher education and never have to step foot into a classroom. Keep your current job while planning for a better future when you've gotten your Bachelor's, Master's, or even Doctoral degree at Walden University. They have many degrees in everything from technology or accounting to psychology or health care management. Financial assistance is also available.

You can also visit The Chronicle to get more information on education and career news, facts and figures, advice, and an interactive forum.

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