Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Burberry Shoes At Zappos

I have five daughters and they all love clothes and shoes, especially anything that's trendy or stylish. My oldest daughter is particularly fond of Burberry shoes and is thinking about getting boots for the winter. She lives on the East Coast so a pair of warm, waterproof boots will help get her through the snowy months.

Since Christmas is approaching I thought I'd shop around online for her gift. The Burberry Mid Sport Weather Boot looks like they'll get her through anything Mother Nature decides to dump on Maryland. They seem warm, waterproof, rugged, and slip proof. Ugh! If I had a dime for every time I slipped on ice!

My middle daughter lives here in Tucson and is more the ballerina shoe type, though she prefers suede to leather. Yes, I know it's all cowhide, but she likes the almost velvet look of suede better than the smooth look of leather. There's a pair of suede ballerina shoes that she'd love to see sitting under the Christmas tree. Maybe I should send my kids a link to some shoes I want as well!

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