Monday, November 8, 2010

Used Bookstore Finds

Guest post written by Michaele Smith

Maybe it's because I've been really aware of my budget in the past couple of months because I'm trying to save up to buy a condo, but I've really been reading a lot lately instead of going out and doing things for my entertainment. So I've been really getting a lot of use out of the public library and my favorite used bookstore.
I was trying to come up with some really fun things to read that are still a little spooky for around Halloween with my clear wireless internet New York and got the idea to revisit the Fear Street series by RL Stine that used to be my absolute favorite thing to read.

I'm not really into actual scary things now, maybe it's because i've watched way too many Law and Order episodes. But reading a RL Stine Fear Street book seemed like the perfect thing to do for a fun spooky activity and it was. I ended up going back to my fav book store and buying a few more of the books from the series.

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