Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buy Tickets To Your Favorite Event At

Looking for tickets to the Super Bowl or even complete Super Bowl packages?  If so, you'll want to stop by  My friend is a football nut and he's been looking into going to the Super Bowl.  I told him about this website and that he could get tickets to the Super Bowl, parking passes, and a hotel room all on one site. 

If football isn't your thing, they also have tickets to basketball games.  I'm a Laker's fan since I was born and grew up in Southern California.  On New Year's Eve they'll be playing at the Staples Center against the 76ers.  What a way to spend the evening--if the Laker's win! 

Does OnSetTickets offer only sports tickets?  Not at all!  They also have concert tickets, Las Vegas tickets (my favorite place on earth!), NASCAR, Disney On Ice, and a whole lot more.  There's something for everyone, no matter your age or taste. 

There's a handy search bar so you can look for events in your immediate area.  Right now I'm living in Tucson and I see a lot of shows at Club Congress, The Rock and the Rialto.  I can just do a quick search and see if anything I'd like to see is coming up. 

With the economy being tough, people are spending money on nearby entertainment rather than vacations.  You can still create some wonderful memories and have a lot of fun, at the fraction of the price!

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