Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Center For Metaphysical Research

I'm a firm believer in metaphysics and have been offering psychic readings for 20+ years now.  Always on the lookout for websites that offer information, guidance, classes, or instructions on metaphysical subjects. Center For Metaphysical Research is an excellent website for exploring your inner self and higher self.  They're mission is,"To assist human beings in the journey of self-discovery and self-analysis so that they may find the road to health, happiness, success and prosperity."

We're are all deserving of happiness, success, and prosperity, but there are so few who know how to attract these energies.  Instead, we stay poor, miserable, overweight, or just getting by.  Why should that be when we're all capable of greatness? 

The Center For Metaphysical Research has informative articles such as, "Twelve Types Of People On Earth" and "If You Could Turn Back The Clock."  They also offer many reports you can receive once you become a member--which only requires a donation.  The reports include: Complete and Detailed Profile plus Forecast, Pathfinder Report, Life Progress Report, Personality Report, and access to the executive director.  In all, you will receive more than 200 pages of information that can help you on your path in life.

Who are you?  Where are you going?  What's your purpose?  How can you make changes?  What do you truly want and how can you get it?  These questions and more can be answered when you pursue metaphysics.

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