Thursday, December 30, 2010

Discount Auto Insurance

The other day a friend of mine got pulled over and he was driving without insurance.  Now he has a huge fine and a suspended license.  I told him many times this would happen but he felt it was too expensive, though getting discount auto insurance is easy if you just do a little research online. Well, I guess he learned his lesson a little too late! 

Today I sent him a link for affordable car insurance and he's finally going to do the right thing and get coverage. Thankfully he wasn't in an accident since driving without car insurance would have gotten him in more trouble than he's currently in. Really, there's no excuse to drive without coverage since it's protection for everyone involved.  You may need car repairs and could be injured and you would want the peace of mind knowing it would be taken care of, right? 

Everyone is counting their pennies these days, and if you feel you're paying too much for car insurance get free auto policy quotes today and see how you can save money yet still get the coverage you need. 

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