Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WebsiteReview.net - Has Your Site Been Reviewed?

I'm always happy to review websites, products, places, people...and even other reviewers.  Knowledge is power and in this day and age of schemes and scams it's good to know what's what out there in the cyber universe.  Also, by offering reviews we can help to promote really good products and sites that may otherwise remain unknown to many people. 

WebsiteReview.net is a website review site that is sleek, clean and very professional looking.  There are categories ranging from Entertainment and Sports to Dining and Reference.  They also award really great sites their "featured site award."  There's also a free weekly newsletter you can sign up for so you can keep abreast of new and fabulous websites.

Bookmark WebsiteReview.net and read a new website review each and every day.  The site will soon launch a forum where members can discuss reviews, and even write your own mini-reviews.  If you'd like them to review a particular site just send them the link using the handy form on the Website Review site or simply share the link on their Facebook fan page.

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