Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jim Huebner - Old West Lawman's Forgotten Memoir

If you love the Old Wild West then you need to check out  The sales page alone is enough to suck you into that time period when life was simpler in many ways, yet men had to fight for their very lives on occasion--some more than others.  Jim Huebner was lucky enough to happen upon the memoir of  "Pistol Pete."  The book is an account of his life and times living and fighting and living to fight again in the Wild, Wild West.  He survived to nearly 100 and killed almost a dozen men in his time.

I have special interest in the Old West since my great (great, great, etc) uncle Bill Power was part of the infamous Dalton Gang.  I've read a lot about the history of cowboys, gunslingers, and life on the range and on the run.  Shows like the Lone Ranger and Bonanza can be entertaining though as far from reality as can be.  In Pistol Pete's memoir you'll get to experience the Wild West as if you're actually there.  A bystander or even participator in showdowns and standoffs.  Nothing is sugar-coated or toned down for fear of offending anyone.  You get it all--raw and untamed.

Jim has preserved Pistol Pete's memoir and put it into a book that every Wild West enthusiast can enjoy.  (No longer is it hidden in a stagecoach trunk with a pair of rattlers nearby, seemingly guarding it.)  And guess what? If you don't like the book--and you're plumb loco if you don't!--he'll refund your money if you send the book back.

Stop by and get a taste of the Old West as it was meant to be, then order Jim's book and steep yourself in it!

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