Sunday, December 26, 2010 - Online Booking and Calendar Management offers a professional booking and management tool for the outdoor industry.  This company's aim is to assist people in the fields of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities to stay organized.  It also helps outfitters to gain exposure through directories so they can maintain a high level of exposure. 

Some of the services involved with My Outdoor Calendar are -
  • Calendar Management System
  • Online Booking Tool
  • Client Payment Portal
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing for your Business
  • Team Management
  • Point of Sale System
  • Multi-Guide Management
  • And Much More.
The system is very simple to use.  If you run outdoor activities you can go through the website and give your customers a way to book on your website or over the phone with the multi-purpose interface.  When you have an upcoming event you post it to your calendar.  Clients visit your website, check for trips, book their trips, pay for and check out online. 

But that's not all since My Outdoor Calendar will also distribute your availabilities to their network for added exposure and possibly more bookings!  You can choose to pay a monthly fee for their service or a per-sale percentage.  They even offer reporting tools so you can compare your sales per category, monthly sales, and more.  And, there's no set-up fee. 

If you have a business that centers on outdoor activities you should definitely try out My Outdoor Calendar.

Get organized and gain exposure with

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