Monday, December 20, 2010 Photocopiers and Printers

Sometimes I feel like I'm living about fifteen years in the past.  I don't own a copy machine, printer, or fax.  As a freelance writer this means I often have to go to the local UPS store to fax, Office Depot to print or copy, or library to print out papers.  It's not cheap either, not with all the papers I have to send out and copy. offers a long line of Colour Photocopiers, as well as multi-function machines.  This is what I need!

Another reason I'd like to have a color photocopier is so I can copy all of the photos I have and send them off to relatives.  That would save me money as well since I wouldn't have to go to the local photo shop or drug store to have them print the pictures for me.

 This coming year it's my goal to get a multi-function machine that can fax, copy, and print. can help you choose the perfect machine from their line of Colour Photocopiers or Mono Photocopiers.

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