Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr Linder Sports Bra

I've never been a big fan of sports bras.  Although I work out regularly, I avoid jogging outdoors since wearing a regular bra is uncomfortable and sports bras are ridiculous.  They never fit right, have almost no support, or make you look like you're a camel with a hump on your chest.  I'm sure the ladies reading this post know what I'm talking about!

The Dr. LinderBra is a sports bra developed by the renowned Beverly Hills reconstructive surgeon Dr. Stuart A. Linder.  Finally, someone who knows how to make a good sports bra!  Dr. Linder listened to his patients and took everything into consideration as he designed the sports bra.  All women can wear this sports bra, whether an athlete, expecting mother, and all women in between.

Since it closes in the front, rather than in the back or being just a pull-over type of bra, it gives you extra security as you work out.  The bras have side adjustments so you're always guaranteed a perfect fit, no matter your cup size.  There are no underwires to poke you, and the material has 4-way stretch.  The bra will move with you rather than fighting against you!

The bras come in pink or black and are actually cheaper than what I pay for my bras at Frederick's! 

While you're on the site, check out the Dr. Linder Band as well.  You can shrink your waist by up to two inches and flatten your tummy.  Just like the sports bra, the material moves with you rather than making you feel like you're a sausage stuffed into a tight casing.

Check out the Dr. Linder Sports Bra today!

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