Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pink Monkey Planet - You Got Something To Say?

Do you have something to say? Do you want to share it with the world and get their opinion on it?  PinkMonkeyPlanet.com is a microblogging site where members can offer their opinion or ask a question about a topic and people are free to jump in with their feedback -- do they agree or disagree?  After 48 hours, or more if the topic is really hot, then the votes are counted and members can see if the post got more negative or more positive opinions/feedback.

For example, there's a post asking, "Is downloading music illegally wrong?"  67% of the voters believe it is wrong.  You can read member comments and how they voted.

This is a great place to explore topics, give your opinion, and see what others are saying.  Why not join and jump in with a topic of your own?  I don't usually join every site I review, but this looks fun and interesting so I just signed up.  I'll post a topic/opinion and see what people say.  ;-)

Why not head over to PinkMonkeyPlanet.com and have a bit of fun and give your gray matter something to think about other than work and bills?  Invite your friends along too.  Post your own opinion and see if people agree or disagree.  Do you think like the in-crowd or do you live on the outer fringes of space, time and reality? Find out!

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