Saturday, December 25, 2010

Real Alien and UFO Pictures On

This is an area that I really find interesting: Aliens from other planets.  I wholeheartedly believe that we aren't the only beings alive in this huge universe, and I also believe that other life forms have, and still do, visit our Earth.  A lot of people may think that it's nonsense since they haven't seen anything with their own eyes, but plenty of people have--including myself.

About ten years ago I was standing outside at night looking up at the sky.  It was an exceptionally clear summer evening.  We lived away from streetlights and there was a farm next to us so I had a good view of the night sky above.  As I watched the sky I saw several "stars" in perfect V formation.  They began to move forward together and I figured they were jets flying very high up.  Suddenly they began to zigzag and loop around like unlike any plane I had seen!  In an instant they were back in perfect V formation then took off at the speed of light.  Nobody's going to tell me that those were military jets!  I watched this take place for at least a minute. 

Even if I hadn't witnessed that strange sighting, it just makes sense that intelligent life exists out there in the universe.  And, some of those beings are likely more technologically advanced than we are, just as we're probably more advanced than some other life forms. 

Looking around the website is not only fun, but it's informative and eye-opening.  It has information about ancient aliens and crop circles, plus older stories that most UFO buffs are familiar with, such as the Betty and Barney Hill story, and also new UFO sightings, reports, pictures, and videos. 

If you find the possibility (or fact) of Aliens and UFOs to be interesting then check out

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