Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrating New Year's and our wedding at the same time

Guest post written by Kimmy Glover

I like to be pretty efficient about a lot of things, so I guess that kind of goes along with me combining my New Year's Eve and wedding celebrations. I thought that the only thing more romantic than a regular wedding would be to ring in the New Year as man and wife. I'm such a romantic anyway, so I thought that it would be perfect with the midnight kiss during the reception.

A few months ago when I was doing some of the planning for the wedding and getting ideas about the table settings, I came across information about home internet packages and decided to check it out. I ended up ordering one of the packages.

At our NYE wedding we're going to have sparklers for everyone to hold once it hits midnight. There will also be champagne, of course. The band is going to have a big countdown right down to midnight too. Then the reception is set to end around 1 a.m. because we have kind of an early flight the next morning for Italy.

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