Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Party Time!

Guest post written by Bill Winslow

New Years Eve was fantastic for my wife and I. At first, the day started off like any other day. We started looking at Miracle Ear Hearing Aid Models online and got a few groceries for the upcoming week. It was a pretty mundane way start to the holiday but the events that followed were very special indeed! We were invited to spend New YearÕs Eve with our close friend Stan and his Wife. They threw an excellent party and a lot of people from our block came. We knew just about everyone there so it was a really great social event for all of us.

The party was catered and they had some great music on in the background. When it was close to midnight we all congregated in the living room to watch the festivities in New York on StanÕs new large screen TV. Stan had passed out noisemakers and confetti for when midnight rolled around, and when the big moment came, we all celebrated. It was a really great time. Flora and I enjoyed it so much that I think we are going to try and throw our own party for 2012!

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