Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gender Selection - Santa Monica Fertility

A lot of couples struggle with fertility and may end up spending thousands of dollars on procedures that simply don’t work. Some are scams, plain and simple, while others may be medically sound, but for one reason or another the couple can’t get pregnant. They may go through a lengthy list of fertility procedures including egg or sperm donors, fertility pills, or in vitro fertilization. When all else fails the couple could resort to a surrogate or adoption.

What about gender selection?  There are a lot of couples who would prefer to choose the sex of their child. For example, out of the five children I had they were all girls. It would have been nice to choose a boy or two if I had been giving the chance!

Santa Monica Fertility is a leader in fertility and treatment options.  They have a high success rate in helping patients become pregnant, and a 99% probability of desired gender selection through Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. 

Doctors Sproul and Jain are experts in their fields. They’re not only knowledgeable about fertility and gender selection, but are caring as well. This is why Santa Monica Fertility is world-renowned. If you’re having problems getting pregnant or would like to find out more about gender selection, call or make an appointment today. 

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  1. Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time! We all anticipate the day when we are able to find out the gender of our baby. What if you already knew or had a pretty good idea whether you were having a boy or a girl because you used a natural gender selection method?

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