Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chosen One by Kelly Wallace

The Chosen One
My Latest Paranormal Romance 
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Some choose their destiny while others have destiny thrust upon them.  Some are born chosen, while others are chosen to be reborn.  Young or old, rich or poor, there are people in the world who are given special gifts that can help others.  Science is just now starting to accept what those in the psychic field and various religions have known for thousands of years—though stranger than fiction, there are people who can focus their energy on others and heal them.

What if you had such a gift?  What if you could lay your hands on a person and heal broken bones, cure snakebites, soothe fevers?  Would you find a way to understand it, strengthen it, and help anyone you could?  Or would you hide from society, take narcotics to quell the energy you weren’t sure how to harness, and declare yourself insane?  What if your child awoke one day with this talent and you had no idea how to help him?  And what if after many long months of desperately searching for answers one arrives at your door…

The Chosen One is a paranormal/suspense romance story about Noel Posas, The Dream Master of a village in the Mexican jungle that goes in search of their reincarnated healer. Elise Colby is a widow, trying to find answers to her son Matthew's strange behavior that the psychiatrist wants to label as multiple personalities.  Desperate to help her son, and confident this dark Indian can help them both, Elise acts on instinct and goes with Noel to his luxurious cave-home in the Xilitla jungle.  Soon they uncover more than just her son's healing powers, as Elise and Noel find passion in each others arms.

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