Thursday, March 17, 2011 - The Social Bookmarking Site Where You're A Guru!

I'm always looking for ways to promote my articles, blog posts, and stories I find online. Naturally, there's the typical places like Digg, Buzz, Reddit, etc. but today I found a new social bookmarking site called nabtag.  Not only does it look like a good way for webmasters and bloggers to promote their stuff, but you can be "tag guru."

The way the site works is simple. You sign up, create your profile, and then start submitting stuff and adding relevant tags. The more things you post under those tags, the higher your rank until you actually "own" the tag or have "nabbed it" for your own. Hence the site name nabtag. What this means is you're the guru for that particular tag. For example, you may post a lot of bookmarks on health, gaming, affiliate marketing, or three-toed sloth racing. If you've posted more than anyone else then you're the guru and your bookmarks are showcased. Talk about a great way to get some online visibility, and it's completely free.

"Become a guru for the stuff you love" - share freely and regularly on


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