Friday, July 22, 2011

The Complete First Aid Kit - Includes Save-A-Tooth

 I have to admit that I got excited when asked to do this review. You see, I've always had a strong "survivalist" streak running through me. I like being prepared for emergencies and hard times, maybe because I was in the Girl Scouts or perhaps because my family and I would rough-it while camping for two weeks every summr. Either way, I always have a first aid kit handy. However, I haven't run across First-Aid kits that contain anything to save a tooth. I had 5 kids and there were times when a tooth emergency would strike but there was no way to take care of it. Now there is! The Complete First Aid Kit contains just about everything you need for emergencies.

Here's more information about this kit. EVERY home, office and automobile should have one.

✓ The Complete First Aid Kit is the only kit in the world containing Save-A-Tooth. It is what makes this kit special.
✓ Many famous third party and government organizations like the MAYO Clinic and The National Institutes of health now recommend including a tooth saving kit (Save-A-Tooth) in first aid kits. (The NIH and Mayo Clinic do not directly endorse our brand)
✓ The kits are 100% made and manufactured in the United States
✓ The kits are manufactured in an FDA approved facility for extra safety
✓ The selection of items has been hand picked to provide for every minor injury rather than fluffing the kit up with hundreds of band-aids.
✓ The box is waterproof in case of a flood emergency or the area has high humidity.
✓ Contents are individually boxed to keep things clean and tidy after use.

I really like the fact that it's packed with real things you need for just about every type of emergency rather than most kits that boast "Over 100 pieces!" and 95 of those are Band-Aids. I included a picture of the open box so you can see everything that's in it. Get your Complete First Aid Kit today and be prepared!
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