Friday, July 22, 2011

Unemployed Imagination - JD Mader

Mr. Mader is definitely creative. If you stop by his Unemployed Imagination blog you'll see that he has a fiction novel "Joe Cafe" (which some say is as good or even better than anything Chuck Palahniuk has written), along with a nonfiction section "Avoiding The Stair" and even music - The Flying Black Hats.

He updates his blog pretty regularly with bits of fiction and nonfiction both. I got particularly caught up in his most recent post titled Doris. Most of us have known a vampy neighbor like this, I'm sure. If you get easily offended by swear words you might want to skip this, though if you read Chuck Palahniuk I'm certain you can handle it. ;-)

Take a break from the norm and go on over to Unemployed Imagination then buy Joe Cafe while you're at it.

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