Thursday, December 2, 2010

Television Actor Bill Cosby

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson

Where did Bill Cosby come in at? Do you remember Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids? Bill Cosby was an early favorite television actor doing voice-overs for animation. Mr. Cosby did the majority of voice-overs for the animation Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Most of the actor's performances were in stand-up comedy.

However, his transition into a favorite television actor seemed more of a back-end accident than a pursuit.
Cosby had performed previously to his famous television roles such as the afternoon school special The Electric Company. The show may have only premiered on the east coast. His most famous television role that really skyrocketed Cosby' s career was The Cosby Show. Of course the show featured himself, but himself as a father. His role as on of America's favorite television actors became embedded in stone.

America was facing somewhat of a culture shock at the time. Cosby had unexpectedly became one of America's favorite television actors. Prime-time Satellite TV deals had to reorganize their networks because the comedian had became so famous through the show. America's favorite television actor had struck prime-time gold. For years the show was unshakable from its position, and it was the actor himself that finally decided to end the show. When the show finally removed itself form prime-time, America had to watch their favorite actor on satellite television.

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