Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Guest post written by Kaylie Pierce

Growing up, I was the only person in my family that would always want to eat leftovers. I would even have to remind my parents not to throw away stuff that I wanted to finish off later. So now I plan a lot for what to do with my own leftovers now that I cook for myself. Sometimes I even cook more than I need to just so I can live off the leftovers for a few days!

So you can probably guess that Thanksgiving is like heaven for me because there are so many leftovers. I've been using my clear 4g to find all these recipes to fix with traditional Thanksgiving leftovers.

But the corner stone of all kinds of Thanksgiving leftovers is leftover turkey because you can just do so much with all of it. Plus, it's almost always what there is the most of left among all the different dishes. I have a lot of leftover recipes and I'm really excited to actually use all of them over the next week.

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