Friday, December 3, 2010

Dawn of The Dead- The Best Remake Today

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

If I had to pick an action movie that is my favorite, I would have to say it is the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Now, most die-hard zombie fans would argue with me, and say that nothing is as good as the original. And from someone who lives 15 minutes from Monroeville Mall, which is the famous mall that the original movie was shot at, I have to say I guess I can somewhat understand that.

However, the second movie was extremely exciting from the beginning, and the plot was easy to follow. One of my favorite parts was when the little girl in the beginning became a zombie, and bit the girl's boyfriend. From there, the movie got better and better. The chase scene with the zombie boyfriend was actually funny, and I also liked when they were chased into the mall by the guy with one arm.

The characters were very convincing, and I do have to say I was even somewhat disturbed by the baby scene, when the girl dies as a zombie before giving birth. That was definitely creepy, but very good. The ending was a cliff-hanger, as you are never quite sure whether they made it alive or not. I love to be able to watch this action movie on Cable tv channels, right out of my own home.

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